Lo schermo dell’arte is enrolled in the list of associations that can benefit from the 2×1000. During the year of the pandemic the cultural world has been greatly undermined, and this simple gesture can be of great help for our activities.

Just tell your accountant, or in the tax return you will find a field dedicated to the 2X1000: insert your signature under CULTURAL ASSOCIATION and the tax code of Lo schermo dell’arte 05750420480 in the dedicated field:

Who doesn’t fill our the tax return can still donate the 2×1000:

– Ask INPS or your employer for the CU model
– Fill it out in the dedicated space (as indicated above) and insert it in a closed envelope with the statement “Scelta per la destinazione del due per mille dell’IRPEF”, with surname, name and tax code.
– Deliver it to the post office or bank without any cost.

Thank you for your support!

For further information: