Directing the Real. Films d’artistes et vidéos des années 2010
Screening program at Passerelle Centre d’art contemporain, Brest

Passerelle Centre d’art contemporain host in Brest, from February 3 until April 28, 2018 the screening program Directing the Real.Films d’artistes et vidéos des années 2010, part of the exhibition curated by Leonardo Bigazzi that took place on November 2017 in Florence at Galleria delle Carrozze di Palazzo Medici Riccardi on the occasion of Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival 10th edition. At Passerelle Centre d’art contemporain are shown single channel video works by nine international artists, most of which are presented in France for the first time.

Artists: Basma Alsharif, Danilo Correale, Alessandra Ferrini, Louis Henderson, Basir Mahmood, Rebecca Moss, Arash Nassiri, Emilija Škarnulyte, Driant Zeneli.

Directing the Real. Films d’artistes et vidéos des années 2010
Passerelle Centre d’art contemporain, Brest
Opening: February 2, 2018, 6:00 pm
Screening program: February 3 – April 28, 2018

Tuesday 2:00-8:00 pm, from Wednesday to Saturday 2:00- 6:30 pm
41, rue Charles Berthelot, Brest

February 2 – March 3, 2018

All that is solid
by Louis Henderson, 2014, 15’40”

Equivalent Units
by Danilo Correale, 2017, 19′

Radio Ghetto Relay
by Alessandra Ferrini, 2016, 15’24”

March 6 – 31, 2018

It would not be possible to leave planet Earth unless gravity

by Driant Zeneli, 2017, 13’41”

by Arash Nassiri, 2014, 18’90”

by Emilija Škarnulytė, 2017, 12′

April 3 – 28, 2018

Monument of arrival and return
by Basir Mahmood, 2016, 9’36”

International Waters
by Rebecca Moss, 2017, 20′

Deep Sleep
by Basma Alsharif , 2014, 12’45”