The Bride
by JoŽl Curtz, FR 2012, 41'
WRITTEN AND DIRECT BY: Joël Curtz   PRODUCER: François Bonenfant
SHOOTING AND PHOTOGRAPHY: Raphaël Daniel   PRODUCTION: Le Fresnoy, National Studio for Contemporary Arts
SOUND: Aurélie Valentin, Cyrille Lauwerier   LANGUAGE: Italian; subtitles: English
EDITING: Laureline Delom    

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film Presented at Lo schermo dell'arte Film Festival 2013

A news broadcast, and verses by poet Alda Merini introduces us to the tragic story of Pippa Bacca (the art-alias chosen by Giuseppina Pasqualina di Marineo), who left Milan on March 8th, 2008, with Silvia Moro, to produce the performance Brides on Tour. Messangers of peace and trust, both dressed in white bridal dresses, the artists began their trip to Jerusalem, hitchhiking across 11 countries; but Pippa Bacca separated from her friend in Turkey, and was raped and murdered near the town of Gezbe.
The documentary, two years in the making, reveals the artist’s singular character through the story of her last project. Vivid memories from relatives, friends and her traveling companion, are interspersed with images the performer gathered in her travels. This footage, taken from her videocamera and restored at the end of the film, show everyday moments from the project and underline its symbolic meaning: Pippa Bacca among the people who took her in along the way, and during certain rituals, such as foot-washing. The artist - who was also profoundly religious - celebrated the work of obstetricians listening to and recording their stories. The final footage, shown after the goodbyes from public at the artist’s funeral, was shot by her mureder.

Joël Curtz
Born in 1985 in Paris, Joël Curtz is a video artist, photographer and performer. After his studies at the “Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg“, he obtained his Diploma at the “Academy of Fine Arts Vienna“ under the tutelage of documentary filmmaker Harun Farocki.
He is currently pursuing his studies at “Le Fresnoy, National Studio for Contemporary Arts“, France.

Selected filmography
2012 La Mariée (The Bride)

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