Memories of Origins - Hiroshi Sugimoto
by Yuko Nakamura, JAP 2011, 85'
PHOTOGRAPHY: Takaya Yamada/ Hiro Takaoka   PRODUCED BY: WOWOW INC , TV MAN UNION. INC, Hiroyuki Ohde/ Hideki Furutani /Yuko Nakamura
EDITING: Yuko Nakamura /Masanobu Miyoshi   PRODUCTION:TV Man Union, INC. / WOWOW, INC.
VOICE OVER: Shinobu Terajima   DISTRIBUTION: Arte France
FILM SCORE COMPOSER: Keiichiro Shibuya   LANGUAGE: Japanese, English; Subtitles: English, Italian

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film Presented at Lo schermo dell'arte Film Festival 2013

Hiroshi Sugimoto is among the world’s most famous photographers, and perhaps the last custodian of traditional photografic methods. He has concentrated his research on two fundamental themes: Time, the protagonist of most of his refined photografic series; and History, which the Master has placed at the center of his more recent artistic production. In the film, shot over 200 days, the concepts of “memory” and “origin” become keys to an approach to his work, and his multiple means of expression, from his debut to the Lightning Fields (made without a camera, by means of electric generators); to his scuplture and installations, based on mathematical formulas, to the recent revisitations of traditional Japanese architecture and theater. Following Sugimoto from his New York studio, his house in Tokyo and his many exhibitions around the world, we learn he’s a connoisseur of oriental antiquities, a collector of objects associated with the history of Japan, and of the first experimental “photogenic drawings” by William Henry Fox Talbot. This documentary was  nominated for the International Emmy Award, 2011.

Yuko Nakamura
TV director, producer, after graduating from Keio University, Nakamura worked in publishing as an editor, an assistant director in Shinya Tsukamoto Production, then joined TV MAN UNION, INC. She has produced programs for The Mystery of the Record and Audio, 2007, Gozzira will come!, 2008, The relationship: Art Director Chie Morimoto,  2010, 3D World :The Film Maker Sogo Ishi, 2010.

Selected Filmography
2011: Memories Of Origin - Hiroshi Sugimoto

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