Meeting with Olafur Eliasson
by Marco Del Fiol, BRA 2011, 27'
SCREENPLAY: Marco Del Fiol   PRODUCER: Jasmin Pinho
    LANGUAGE: English, with Italian subtitles

Presented at Lo Schermo dell'arte Film Festival 2013

For his first one-man show in Brazil, Your Body of Works, in 2011, Olafur Eliasson  presented an ample selection of works in three different exhibition spaces in São Paolo,  and created several new site-specific pieces for the occasion, such as Your Empathic City, created with filmmaker Karim Aïnouz and shown at SESC Pompeia.
In the documentary, which begins with the opening of the crates containing the pieces, we watch the show being hung. Suspended in the void of the São Paolo State Painting Gallery, some of them hang from cables like acrobats, while the mirror structures for Microscope to São Paulo and Take Your Time are set in place; others, at SESC Belezinho, move in semi-dark spaces to reflect the lit lantern of Your Comsic Campfire. While the show takes shape, the video reveals the trick-free magic of Eliasson’s work, lingering on its relationship to  space and the centrality of the public’s involvement; their experience is thought of by the artist as integral to the process of creation. Against these images, Eliasson  speaks of the role of light, relativity, and orientation in time, delineating his own vocabulary in a profound reflection on his research, and on its characteristic methodological and museological aspects.

Marco del Fiol
Is  a director, screenwriter and editor who has dedicated the past 10 years recording works of important contemporary artists and creating dialogue between artworks, artists and the audience.

Selected Filmography
2002: Mau Wal: Translated Encounters; 2006: Marepe; José Vicente 201:  Meeting with Olafur Eliasson; Olafur Eliasson - Your Body of Work 2012: Isaac Julien - Geopoetics - Passages: Black Box White Cube; Isaac Julien - Geopoetics - Sea of Screens

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