Mastequoia Op. 09-13
by Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli, Giacomo Sponzilli, Gabriele Silli, ITA 2013, 64'
MIX-AUDIO: Emiliano Di Meo   DISTRIBUTION: Federica Schiavo Gallery
PRODUCED BY: Lo Schermo dell’Arte Film Festival    

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film Presented at Lo schermo dell'arte Film Festival 2013
The winner of The Screen of the Arts Film Festival Prize 2011

Opera 2009-2013
was filmed over the course of three years in Rotterdam, Tokyo and Fez.
Starting with a VHS JVC GX-N7E telecamera, the central instrument of the operation, the three authors planned, collected, shot, interpreted, and lived the various places and stories of the three cities. The  result is an enormous kaleidoscopic corpus of recordings, boiled down to a feature-length film in three episodes:
 “The Fall of Rotterdam”, “The Divine Groom” and “The Foundation of Fès”.

Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli/ Giacomo Sponzilli/ Gabriele Silli

Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli was born in Rome in 1982 where he lives and works. His highly project-oriented practice moves from research and theoretical presuppositions to develop installations, performances and film. /Giacomo Sponzilli was also born in Rome in 1982, but he lives and works in Tokyo. He’s an architectural researcher at the Kengo Kuma Laboratory of Tokyo University. /Gabriele Silli was born in Rome in 1982 where he lives and works. A philosophy Ph.D, his artistic pratice is mostly painterly, but includes scuplture, performance and assemblage. /The name Mastequoia, starting in 2004, indicates pieces and work done together by the three authors.

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