Blick zurück nach vorn. Künstler über Deutschland
by Maria Anna Tappeiner, Germany 2014, 54'
WRITTEN BY: Maria Anna Tappeiner   PRODUCER: Gerd Haag
CAMERA: Lukas Schmid
  PRODUCTION: TAG/TRAUM Filmproduktion & Co. KG
EDITING: Rune Schweitzer   LANGUAGE: German
SOUND: Ulla Kösterke    

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film

Presented at Lo schermo dell'arte Film Festival 2014

The wounds inflicted on German culture by WW2 and Nazism have begun to heal; the country is  now fully immersed in the process of globalization. The film proposes a trip through German contemporary art: how has modern German history influenced the actions of a generation; how does this generation feel about its prospects for the future? The director concentrates on exploring the ideas behind representative works and, along with interviews of protagonists of the international scene from the 1960s to the present (including Thomas Demand, Olafur Eliasson, Dan Perjovschi and Gerhard Richter), pays special attention to the theme of national artistic identity.

Maria Anna Tappeiner 
She lives in Frankfurt. For the German television she has produced numerous documentaries on art and cultural issues, including portraits of the artists William Kentridge, Gary Hill, Matthew Barney, Richard Serra, Hiroshi Sugimoto and Nam June Paik.

Selected Filmography
2013 Fotografie in Auflosung: der Kunstler Thomas Ruff 2011 Nam June Paik 2009 Hiroshi Sugimoto: Vision in My Mind 2008 Richard Serra: To See is to Think 2004 Sophie Calle: Dirty Work

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