by Shahryar Nashat, Germany 2014, 38'
CAMERA: Gaëtan Varone   MUSIC: Brendand Dougherty
PHOTOGRAPHY: Gaëtan Varone   SOUND: Stéphane Brunclair
EDITING: Shahryar Nashat   PRODUCER: Shahryar Nashat
TEXT: Adam Linder   PRODUCTION: Shahryar Nashat
VOICE OVER: Jared Gradinger   LANGUAGE:

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film
Presented at Schermo dell'arte Film Festival 2014

Parade is the cinematographic transposition of choreographer Adam Linder’s reinterpretation of the famous ballet Jean Cocteau conceived for Sergei Dialighev’s Ballets Russes in 1917, for which Picasso designed costumes and Erik Satie wrote a musical score. The action refers to an advertising “parade” staged by three actors in front of the theater where, to earn a living, they have to continually promote themselves in order to convince passersby to enter and see their show. Shahryar Nashat’s adaptation, derived from these sources, becomes a new text, and the three dancers are caught by a highly mobile camera and a precise authorial point-of-view which reflects their virtuosity. Through framing, editing and sound, Nashat transforms a choreographic performance into an original piece of cinema in which he inserts elements of his own artistic work: polygonal forms colored green to symbolize the totemic power of art. The film, which explores--not without humor--the postures of bodies in relation to the evanescent presence of these objects, debuted at the Berlin Biennale this year and is currently part of a one-man show by the artist at the Palais de Tokyo.

Shahryar Nashat
Is a Swiss artist. He lives and works in Berlin. Recent exhibitions include: Palais de Tokyo, Paris; Kunsthalle Wien; Museum Folkwang, Essen; Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver; Silberkuppe, Berlin; Rodeo Gallery, Istanbul, CCA Wattis, San Francisco; Studio Voltaire, London; Neue Kunsthalle Sankt Gallen, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, Germany.

Selected Filmography
2014 Hustle in Hand 2006 Modern Body Comedy 2005 The Regulation

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