Het Nieuwe Rijksmuseum - The New Rijksmuseum
by Oeke Hoogendijk, The Netherlands 2008, 120'
SUBJECT: Oeke Hoogendijk   MUSIC: Eelco van de Meeberg, Christiaan van Hemert
CAMERA: Sander Snoep, Gregor Meerman, Adri Schrover, Paul Cohen   SOUND: Mark Wessner
  PRODUCER: Pieter van Huystee
EDITING: Gys Zevenbergen   PRODUCTION: Pieter van Huystee Film e NPS

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film Presented at The Screen of the Arts 2009

Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum holds one of the most important collection of masterworks by Flemish masters. Among these is the celebrated Night Watch, painted by Rembrandt in 1642. It also holds a large collection of Asian art. The historic building by Pierre Cuypers which has housed the Rijksmuseum since 1885, is at the centre of an important redevelopment project by architects Cruz and Ortiz, the creators of the Spanish Pavilion at the Hanover 2000 World Expo and of several important works in Seville’s historic centre. The ideas proposed for the building, by the world famous architects, are hotly debated and have become controversial, notwithstanding the fact that they are the very same for which the firm was chosen. The project has been attacked and held hostage by the cyclists’ association and, after undergoing the scrutiny of several different commissions, it has been substantially modified. The completion date keeps sliding forward. It has been finally  re-opened in Spring 2013. In this documentary, the Rijksmuseum redevelopment becomes a contemporary, emblematic symbol of the difficult but passionate transition towards the ‘new’.

Oeke Hoogendijk
Born in 1961, she started her career as theatrical director. She specialises in documentaries and since 1997 has directed several short films for television. She is at work on the second part of the film The New Rijksmuseum.

Selected Filmography
1998 Een gelukkige tijd; 2002 The Holocaust Experience.


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