Jan Fabre, Beyond The Artist
by Giulio Boato, France 2014, 52 '
CAMERA: Geoffroy Duval SOUND: Simranjit Singh
PHOTOGRAPHY: Giulio Boato PRODUCER: Gildas le Roux
EDITING: Giulio Boato PRODUCTION: La Compagnie des Indes / Troubleyn 
MUSIC: Lorenzo Danesin LANGUAGE: French, English 

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film
Presented at Lo Schermo dell’Arte Film Festival 2015

Performer, sculptor, choreographer, director: Jan Fabre is one of the most versatile artists of our time. Director Giulio Boato’s documentary takes the viewer into the heart of the Belgian artist’s creation. His studio, Troubleyn, an ex-theater in his hometown, Antwerp, has become a genuine factory. Built around statements from various personalities and an off-screen narration, the film winds through images of his principal creative and expositional moments, particularly his theater company’s rehearsals for the spectacle/event Mount Olympus: a 24-hour theatrical marathon which celebrates Greek tragedy and revolutionizes the usual rules of theater, immersing viewers and the the 27 actor-performers in the same unique experience. 

Giulio Boato 
Born in Mestre in 1988, he’s working on a degree in Etudes Théâtrales at the Sorbonne-Nouvelle University in Paris. He’s been professionally involved with dramaturgy, theatrical direction and cinematography since 2013. He’s collaborated with sound designer Lorenzo Danesin since 2012. He’s worked with several European companies: Troubleyn/Jan Fabre in Antwerp, La Compagnie des Indes in Paris, and DOYOUDADA in Venice and Bordeaux, which he founded with Juliette Fabre. 


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