Kasper König's Address Book - Niele Toroni, Sophie Calle
by Corinna Belz, Germany 2014, 26'
CAMERA: Piotr Rosolowski PRODUCER: Birgit Schulz 
EDITING: Christian Becker, Ole Heller PRODUCTION: Bildersturm Filmproduktion GmbH
MUSIC: Laurence Owen, Christoph Hillmann, Andreas Henze LANGUAGE: German, English, French 
SOUND: Jule Cramer, David Wesemann, Diego Reiwald  

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film
Presented at Lo Schermo dell’Arte Film Festival 2015

Kasper König, famous international curator, built a vast network of relationships by constantly updating the address book of artists whom he supported and promoted. The director and König lead us on a trip through the creative universe of two of these artists and their ateliers: Niele Toroni and Sophie Calle, in Paris. König’s trip includes a visit to the studio-apartment of Swiss artist Niele Toroni, who’s lived there since the sixties. Their conversation is an exchange of ideas and memories. The critic’s approach is curious, but also neutral toward the various possibilities of unconventional pictorial practices. König next visits Sophie Calle for the first time, to interview her. Calle speaks of her use and modification of her own personal experience to evoke the public’s emotional and intellectual participation. 

Corinna Belz 
Studied philosophy, art history and media at Cologne, Zurich and Berlin. She works as a TV, producer and scriptwriter. Her two films on Gerhard Richter won important prizes; the second one was screened at Filmforum New York and distributed to 68 American cities. 

Selected Filmography
2011 Gerhard Richter - Painting 2008 Gerhard Richter Das Kolner Domfenster 2002 Ein anderes Amerika 2001 Leben nach Microsoft

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