Preferisco lo stupore
by Andrea Barzini, Italy 2015, 10 '
CAMERA: Riccardo Contrino    MUSIC: Luca Cresta, Claudio Pacini 
PHOTOGRAPHY: Riccardo Contrino    PRODUCER: Andrea Barzini 
EDITING: Simone Lungo    PRODUCTION: Feelfilm 

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film
Presented at Lo Schermo dell’Arte Film Festival 2015

A chance encounter leads to a creative collaboration between sculptor Silvio Pasquarelli and filmmaker Andrea Barzini, with unexpected results. Begun as a documentary of a work to be exhibited at the Andrè Gallery in Rome in June 2015, the two artists are amazed when their collaborative work takes a turn from their initial idea, and becomes a cinematographic work in its own right. Starting with the discovery of a bottle of bleach in a public park, the piece takes shape through a game of constant metamorphosis and assemblies, through an original recycling of abandoned objects which returns them to a new life. Food for thought on the relationship between the human figure and the inanimate object, which includes classical and oneiric references. The film is an ironic, surreal take on the process and genesis of the work. 

Andrea Barzini 
Artist, writer and director, he lives and works in Rome. Noted for his film Italy-Germany 4-3, an icon of Italian independent cinema, he has directed popular TV series and -documentaries, for which he’s won many prizes. He has recently become a figurative artist, and has had many shows, mainly in Rome. 

Selected Filmography
2013 I Giorni buoni 2005 Passo a due 1992 Volevamo essere gli U2 1990 Italia-Germania 4-3

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