by Giuseppe Fanizza, Italy 2013, 12 '
CAMERA: Giuseppe Fanizza    POST-PRODUCTION: Giuseppe Fanizza 
EDITING: Giuseppe Fanizza    PRODUCTION: careof, Sky Italia 

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film
Presented at Lo Schermo dell’Arte Film Festival 2015
In collabration with Careof and Sky Italia

Starting with the etymology of the word ‘show’, Giuseppe Fanizza uses the medium of video to create a series of close-up portraits of groups of spectators. He investigates looks and expressions abducted from the TV screen to create a tilting awareness in the viewer, a revised mirror-reflection of his position. The artist reproduces displacement and suspension, in which reality itself becomes part of the continuous flow of stress, in which the image of the viewer, i.e. reality, is relayed in the form of a show. Through this analysis, the artist shows the intrusive impact television has on reality. 

Giuseppe Fanizza 
Giuseppe Fanizza (Fasano, 1979) works mainly with photography and video. His projects are often conceived as articulated audio-visual research. His recent project Kresy (2015), produced in Poland, visualizes the weight of history on places and peoples of the present eastern European border. His documentary Mare Nostrum (2012) is part of a joint project produced with photographer and sociologist Andrea Kunkl, which arose from a series of studies on regions of the Mediterranean. He is the curator and author of Exposed, an art-based research platform which investigates Milan during Expo2015. 

Selected Filmography
2015 Kresy 2012 Mare nostrum

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