The Colour of Your Socks - A Year with Pipilotti Rist
by Michael Hegglin, Switzerland/Austria 2009, 53'
SCRIPT: Michael Hegglin   PRODUCER: Alfi Sinniger, Olivia Oeschger
CAMERA: Peter Hamman   PRODUCYION: Catpics Coproductions Ltd. in collaborazione con Amour Fou Filmproduktion & Swiss Television
SOUND: Stephan Pauly  
EDITING: Oliver Neumann    

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film Presented at The Screen of the Arts 2009

This documentary is a voyage through the creative universe of Pipilotti Rist who was born in Grabs, Switzerland in 1962. In 1997, Rist won the Venice Biennial Premio Duemila, and in 2009 the Joan Miró Prize given by Barcelona’s Joan Miró’s Foundation. The documentary follows the work of this multi-talented artist and her team of collaborators, filming her in her Zurich studio and around the world. It shows the making of Pepperminta, her debut feature as film maker, which was premiered at the 66th Venice International Film Festival in 2009. The film follows the artist in the development of her video installations, which are created as poems made of “lights, colours and music”, starting with Homo sapiens sapiens, created inside San Stae’s church for the 2005 edition of Venice Biennial, and finishing with Pour Your Body Out (7354 Cubic Meters) commissioned by MoMA for her 2008 solo show.

Michael Hegglin
Born in the small Swiss town of Zug on Lake Zug. After studies in German and Latin American literature, philosophy and history, he went on to learn the craft of filmmaking in an autodidactic, experimental manner. He then co-founded and worked for Swiss Television’s news magazine program 10 vor 10. For Hände weg von diesem Weib - Die Schweizerin Carmen Mory vor Kriegsgericht (Hands off this Woman - Swiss Woman Carmen Mory Stands Before a Military Tribunal) Michael Hegglin received the Zurich Television Award in 2002. Today, Michael Hegglin lives with his family in Zurich.

Selected Filmography
2001 Hands off this Woman - Swiss Woman Carmen Mory Stands Before a Military Tribunal; 2003 The Ink-Blue Swiss - A Literary expedition with Peter von Matt; 2005 A Life for Ten Thousand Dances - The Folk Music Ethnologist Hanny Christen; 2007 The Two Faces of Gabor Bilkei; 2008 Pictures that Mean the World - On Reality in Photography.

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