The Dust Channel
by Roee Rosen, Israel 2016, 23'
SCREENPLAY:  Roee Rosen    MUSIC: Igor Krutogolov 
CAMERA: Avner Shahaf    PRODUCER: Roee Rosen 
EDITING: Maxim Lomberg     

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film
Presented at Lo Schermo dell'arte 2017 

Roee Rosen’s new film, shown at documenta 14, is a lyric opera with a Russian libretto, 
set in the home of a bourgeois Israeli family whose fear of dirt, dust and any other extraneous presence becomes a perverse devotion to household appliances used for cleaning, especially vacuum cleaners. The song gives life to a menage a trois between a young couple and their Dyson DC07 vacuum cleaner, an absurd relationship that pays tribute to the surrealist classic Dalí and Bunuel’s Un Chien Andalou, in which perversion and transgression emerge from a bourgeois household. Pictures of ‘adorable’ cleanliness and ‘fearsome’ dirt are linked to the relationship between the couple and the phantoms that enter their home: servants, refugees and the policemen who persecute them. 
In this film, Rosen figuratively associates dust with sand, both of which symbolize current forms of xenophobia. The reference is the detention center where political refugees not recognized by the State of Israel are held is in the desert and is called Holot, “sand” in Hebrew. 

Roee Rosen 
Artist, director and writer, his film Out won a prize at the Film Festival of Venice in 2010. Solo shows: Tel Aviv Museum of Art (2016), Edith Russ Hause of Oldenburg (2016), Institute of International Visual Arts in London (2012), Ujazdowski Castle Center for Contemporary Art in Warsaw (2011). He exhibited at the latest documenta 14, at the AV Festival in Newcastle, at Manifesta 7 in 2008. He teaches at Ha Midrasha Art College and Bezalel Art Academy, in Israel. 
Selected Filmography
2013 The Buried Alive Videos 2010 Tse (Out) 2008 The Confessions of Roee Rosen 2005 Two Women and a Man

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