by Ben Rivers, UK 2017, 20'

CAMERA: Ben Rivers 

TEXT: Mark von Schlegell     



Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film

 Presented at Lo Schermo dell'arte 2017 

With dystopian, apocalyptic aesthetics and atmospheres, Urth shows footage shot by Rivers at science center Biosphere 2, in Arizona. The images run with a voice-over by an anonymous scientist who recounts her last days in the big complex.
An intimate reflection on issues such as isolation, the construction of artificial environments, the vision of the future, the relationship between man and nature. 
Ben Rivers 
Born 1972 in Somerset. His solo shows include the Renaissance Society, Chicago (2016), the Camden Arts Center, London (2015), and the Hayward Gallery (2011). In 1996 he was the co-founder and co-programmer of Brighton Cinématheque, until 2006, the year it closed. He has participated in major international festivals, and has been awarded with EYE Art and Film Awards 2016, DOKUFEST 14th International Documentary & Short Film Festival 2015, Ann Arbor Film Festival Jury Prize 2012, International Critics Prize at the 68th Venice Film Festival, Baloise Art Prize at Art Basel 42 in 2011. 

Selected Filmography
2016 Islands; What Means Something; The Two Eyes Are Not Brothers 2015 The Sky Trembles and the Earth is Afraid and the Two Eyes Are Not Brothers; Earth Needs More Magicians; There is a Happy Land Further Away 2014 Things 2013 A Spell to Ward off the Darkness 2011 Two Years at Sea

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