Chine: empire de l’art?
by Emma Tassy, Sheng Zhimin, France 2009, 52'
VOICE OVER: Sébastien Siroux   MUSIC: Dou Wei
SCREENPLAY: Emma Tassy   PRODUCER: Olivier Mille
PHOTOGRAPHY: Tian Li   PRODUCTION: Artline Films/Centre Pompidou/Art France
SOUND: Tao Yiran    
EDITING: Ermanno Corrado   DISTRIBUTION: Artline Films

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film Presented at The Screen of the Arts 2010

China’s art scene has undergone profound transformations in the last 20 years. Chinese artists have achieved great recognition and their works command high prices on the market. This documentary tracks this ascent, with regard to the historic, economic and cultural dynamics that caused it, and the various artistic currents which have recently attracted attention from critics, collectors and the national and international art markets. Through comments from noted Chinese art collector Uli Sigg, and interviews with some of the protagonists of the Chinese art scene that emerged in the 80s and 90s (including the performance artist Zhang Huan, who was recently given his first major one-man show in Italy by PAC Milan, the painter Yan Pei-Ming and the curator and art critic Hou Hanru), the film offers a broad view of Chinese contemporary art and the identity of its artists, with particular attention paid to the formation and prospects of upcoming generations.

Emma Tassy
Born in 1974, she spent two years in Beijing, where she personally followed the evolution of the Chinese art scene. Upon returning to France, she has worked in the area of contemporary art. She is an independent author and journalist.

Sheng Zhimin
Born in Beijing in 1969, he spent a long time working as a screenwriter and producer. He began his career as a director with Two Hearts (2003) and Bliss (2003), which won the ETPAC prize at the Festival di Locarno and the Prix du Nouveau Talent Asiatique pour une Fiction at the International Film Festival of Shanghai.

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