Les Vies possibles de Christian Boltanski
by Heinz Peter Schwerfel, Germany 2009, 52'

WRITTEN AND DIRECT BY: Heinz Peter Schwerfel   PRODUCER: Anne Schuchman
PHOTOGRAPHY: Marcel Neumann   PRODUCTION: ARTCORE, SCHUCH Conseils, Productions Anne Schuchman, ARTE France Unité de programmes Culture et Spectacles, Gabrielle Babin Guggenheim
Heinrich Harndt
SOUND DESIGN: Gérard Chiron, Ulrich Lask   DISTRIBUTION: ARTE France
EDITING: Philippe La Bruyère    

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film Presented at The Screen of the Arts 2010

Christian Boltanski (Paris, 1944), who has been invited to represent France at the next Venice Biennial in 2011, has managed to turn his own life into a work of art by granting a Tasmanian millionaire the rights to record and observe every moment of his days, from a secret location, for eight years, beginning in January 2010. Produced in Paris, Berlin and Japan, the film is a portrait of the famous prize-winning artist, creator of the installation Personnes, hosted by the Grand Palais in Paris as part of the series Monumenta 2010 and subsequently re-adapted for the spaces of the New York Armory and the Hangar Bicocca in Milan. Through visits to his works and private archives, including previously unreleased material and excerpts from the film A la Recherche de Christian B. by Alain Fleischer and The Finiteness of Freedom, also by Schwerfel, Boltanski talks about his work and introduces his ambitious project Les Archives du Coeur, a collection of recordings of heartbeats, begun in 2008 and housed on the Japanese island of Teshima.

Heinz Peter Schwerfel
A writer, journalist and director, he was born in Cologne in 1954. He founded the KunstFilm Biennial, an international festival on art and cinema. He lives in Paris and Cologne.

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