Olafur Eliasson. Space Is Process
by Henrik Lundø & Jacob Jørgensen, Denmark 2009, 52'
SCREENPLAY: Henrik Lundø, Mads Jørgensen
PHOTOGRAPHY: Mads Jørgensen
  MUSIC: Courtesy Rump Recordings
  PRODUCERD: Jacob Jørgensen, Mads Jørgensen
RESEARCH: Julie Vibe Michelsen   PRODUCTION: JJ Film
SOUND: Jørgen Bo Behrensdorff, Thomas Gulyás, Bo Brøndum, Søren Holstebro   SPONSORS: Det Danske Filminstitut, Film Commissioner Dola Bonfils, DR, Mette Hoffmann Meyer, Mette Davidsen Nielsen
SOUND DESIGN E MIX: Stig Sparre-Ulrich  
EDITING: Henrik Lundø, Anders Refn    

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film
Presented at The Screen of the Arts 2010

Olafur Eliasson (Copenhagen, 1967) is the artist who brought the sun to the Tate Modern in London. The Weather Project (2003), with its artificial light, illuminated the space and the spectators in the museum’s Turbine Hall. In 2008, concurrently with the installation of his first major retrospective at San Francisco’s MoMA and P.S.1 in New York, the artist produced his spectacular project, The New York City Waterfalls, four impressive waterfalls in different sites in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The film is an introduction to the poetics and content of his work, a behind-the-scenes look at four years of Eliasson’s professional and family life in the United States, and also follows the various phases of the work’s preparation, in the creative forge of his studio in Berlin and among Iceland’s glaciers, where the artist is shown working on the first exposures for his photographic series The Glacier Mill.

Henrik Lundø
Photographer and director. He has worked with Jacob Jørgensen at JJ Film ApS since 1997.

Jacob Jørgensen
Director and producer, he founded JJ Film ApS, an independent production company active since the late 80s, specializing in TV programs.

Selected Filmography (JJ FILM)
2005 Erik A. Frandsen; Aksel Jensen; 2006 Peter Brandes; 2007 Ingvar Cronhammar; 2009 Olafur Eliasson: Space is Process.


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