Ema on the Staircase
by Corinna Belz, Germany 2012, 26'
VOICE-OVER: Micheal Struck-Schloen   MUSIC: Ulrike Haage
PHOTOGRAPHY: Dieter Stürmer, Mattias Schellenberg   PRODUCER: Thomas Kufus
SOUND RECORDING: Gerrit Lucas   PRODUCTION: zero one film
SOUND MIX: Andreas Hildebrandt   CO-PRODUCTION: SWR e ARTE

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film Presented at Lo schermo dell'arte 2012

In her third film about Gerhard Richter, Corinna Belz begins with the meticulous restauration of one the artist’s most famous paintings, Ema, Akt auf einer Treppe, painted in 1966 and housed in the Museum Ludwig in Cologne, offering viewers an even closer look at the great master’s refined painting technique and reconstructing a particularly significant moment in his life. After having examined Richter’s most recent work, the director takes us back to the artist’s first active years in Düsseldorf, under Marcel Duchamp’s influence; narrated by skilfully linking photos and archival film footage with commentary by Nicholas Serota, director of London’s Tate Gallery, and by art historian Benjamin Buchloh, shot in Richter’s current studio during preparations for his retrospective, Panorama.

Corinna Belz

Studied philosophy, history of art and media sciences in Cologne, Zurich and Berlin. She has written, directed and produced numerous TV and film productions. Her first film on Gerhard Richter’s work, Das Kšlner Domfenster (2007), was awarded the World Media Gold Award - Art Documentaries. Her subsequent film about the artist – Gerhard Richter Painting – received the prestigious German Film Prize in April 2012. Lives in Cologne.


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