Piattaforma Luna
by Yuri Ancarani, 2011, 25'

Yuri Ancarani
  SOUND: Mirco Mencacci
  MUSIC: Ben Frost
STARRING: Daniele Andaloro, Ezio Bozzato,
Marcello Casadei, Piergiorgio Ferretti,
Dario Fiorentino, Alessandro Fogli
  PRODUCER: Maurizio Cattelan
  DISTRIBUTION: Galleria ZERO, Milano

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film Presented at Lo schermo dell'arte Film Festival 2012

The film recounts the life experiences of six protagonists, divers specialized in operations at great depths. In an operation conducted on the offshore platform Luna, for weeks their life takes place between the bottom of the sea, 100 meters deep, and the platform’s hyperbaric chamber. The extremely dangerous work-environment obliges every gesture and every action to be reinvented, to be different from how it would be out of the water, in order to capture a new normality. 

Yuri Ancarani
A visual artist, director and docent of Video art at NABA in Milano and ABA in Ravenna. His works have been presented at numerous shows and national and international museums, including: R. Solomon Guggenheim Museum (New York), Prague Biennal 5 (Praga), XIV Biennale Internazionale di Scultura (Carrara), and at many film festivals: Hot Docs, Canadian International Documentary Festival (Toronto, Canada), Cinema Eye Honors (Museum of Moving Image, New York), IFFR International Film Festival Rotterdam (Rotterdam), 67th and 68th Festival del Cinema di Venezia (La Biennale di Venezia), DocuWest Documentary Film Festival (Colorado), 23rd IDFA International Documentary Film Festival (Amsterdam), SXSW (Houston, Texas), Cinéma du Réel (Centre Pompidou, Paris).

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