Lo schermo dell’arte inaugurates a dedicated streaming channel on MYmovies ONE, focusing on artist cinema and documentaries about contemporary artists. The selection includes films straddling genres, successfully presented in various editions of the festival, and centered on the use of moving images and urgent contemporary themes.

These films offer portraits of renowned figures in the art world, rediscoveries of little-known or forgotten personalities, narratives of familiar or distant events, and stories that introduce us to the thoughts and practices of artists and curators, accompanying us through the creation process.

Some of the key figures featured in the films that mark the beginning of our channel’s programming include street artists Jean-Michel Basquiat and Banksy, sculptor and painter Ettore Spalletti, one of the most influential and reserved figures in contemporary Italian art, Fabrizio Fiumi, co-founder of the Florentine radical architecture group 9999 as seen through the eyes of his daughter Elettra, the extraordinary experiences of women artists of the Bauhaus, the versatile Swiss curator Harald Szeeman, Nouvelle Vague master Jean-Luc Godard, and prominent Iranian New Wave director Ebrahim Golestan in an intimate epistolary correspondence.

And then there is the cinema of reality, which takes hold of stories and reveals them to our eyes. The life of a workshop in southern China where young proletarian painters make a living by producing copies of Van Gogh paintings; the two films shot in Congo by artist Renzo Martens, which provocatively address the themes of poverty and exploitation of the African country by the West, from which the exhibition project for the Dutch Pavilion at the 2024 Venice Biennale arises; the extraordinary contemporary interpretation of the baroque opera Les Indes Galantes by French artist Clément Cogitore for the Opéra Bastille, who in 2019 decided to challenge the conservative canons of that institution by involving hip hop, krump, break, and voguing dancers and choreographers from the Parisian suburbs; the Videomobile project by the artistic duo Masbedo, produced in 2018 for Manifesta in Palermo, dedicated to the historical relationship between the Sicilian city and Italian cinema; and finally, the travel experience of a community of artists, featuring happenings, improvised concerts, and site-specific interventions, in the first feature film by American artist Doug Aitken, Golden Lion winner at the 1999 Venice Biennale.

The streaming is available in Italy only.

by Yu Haibo, Yu Tianqi Kiki
China, Netherlands 2016, 80′
vo: Chinese st: Italian

In a workshop in southern China, young proletarian painters make a living by producing copies of Van Gogh paintings.

by Chris Moukarbel
USA, 2014, 80′
vo: English st: Italian

In 2013, a project by the renowned street artist Banksy, spread across the streets of New York, elicited diverse reactions.

by Renzo Martens
Netherlands, 2008, 90′
vo: Dutch, Lingala, French, Swahili st: Italiano

A provocative film about the poverty conditions of the Congolese population and how art can be a tool for change.

by Alessandra Galletta
Italy 2019, 89”
vo: Italian, English; st: English, Italian

Fascinating portrait of one of the most influential and reserved figures in the contemporary art scene, the painter and sculptor Ettore Spalletti.

by Tamra Davis
USA, 2010, 90′
vo: English st: Italian

An intimate portrait and tribute to Jean-Michel Basquiat, with whom the director shared the New York art scene during the 1970s and 1980s.

by Philippe Beziat
France, 2020, 108′
vo: French; st: Italian, English

The extraordinary contemporary interpretation of the baroque opera “Les Indes Galantes” by artist Clément Cogitore for the Opéra Bastille in 2019.

by Elettra Fiumi
Switzerland, Italy, 2022, 91’
vo: English, Italian; st: English

The visionary spirit of Fabrizio Fiumi, co-founder of the Florentine radical architecture group 9999, narrated by his daughter Elettra.

by Mitra Farahani
France, 2022, 96′
vo: Persian, French, English st: Italian

The epistolary dialogue between two masters of cinema, Jean-Luc Godard and Ebrahim Golestan, director of the Iranian New Wave, in a poetic and delicate film.

by Doug Aitken
USA, 2014, 71′
vo: English st: Italian

From New York to San Francisco on a train that hosts performances by 62 artists and musicians in the first film by American artist Doug Aitken.

by Rudolf Herz
Germany, 2020, 18′
vo: German; st; Italian

Portrait of the versatile curator Harald Szeemann, intertwining personal memories and narratives of intersections between art history and politics.

by Susanne Radelhof
Germany, 2019, 43′
vo: German, st: Italian

Tribute to the women artists, designers, and architects who studied and worked at the Bauhaus but have been forgotten by history.

Italiy, 2019, 75′
vo: Italian; st: English

Through archival materials, interviews, and performances, the film by the artistic duo MASBEDO explores the relationship between the Sicilian city and cinema.

by Renzo Martens
Netherlands, Belgium, 2020, 79′
vo: Lingala, French, English, Dutch; st: English, Italian

After “Enjoy Poverty,” Martens returns to Congo with a redemption project for workers on oil palm plantations through contemporary art.