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24 Frames

by Abbas Kiarostami
France, Iran 2016, 114′
Presented at Lo schermo dell’arte 2017 – Italian premiere in the presence of Ahmad Kiarostami
CAMERA: Dariush Gorji, Peyman Solhi, Delaram Delashob, Yousef Khoshnaghsh
EDITING: Mark Driver
SOUND: Ensieh Maleki
PRODUCERS: Charles Gillibert, Ahmad Kiarostami
24 Frames was a challenge for Abbas Kiarostami: to create a dialogue between his work as filmmaker and photographer, to combine the two artistic languages to which he devoted his life into a single work. What happens before and after a photo is taken? To answer that question, Kiarostami selected 20 of his photographs, animated them and composed them in specific scenes using digital tools, 3D inserts, and green screens to ‘resuscitate’ images of the past, and to try to rediscover the emotions felt at the moment he snapped them. The film consists of 24 shots, about 4 minutes each, which reflect the director’s poetic and aesthetic gaze. In the first of these frames, Kiarostami illustrates his method by applying it to Peter Breughel’s painting Hunters in the Snow: the painting comes alive: smoke rises from a chimney, ravens graze in the winter landscape. In other frames, he uses photography to represent groups of tourists admiring the illuminated Eiffel Tower, horses run on snowy fields, cows plod on a seashore, lions mate in the rain, flocks of sheep graze in the snow. Melancholic and joyous, the film is a meditation on the passage of time and the fragility of existence: central themes in Kiarostami’s films. Shot over the course of three years with a team of Iranian technicians, 24 Frames is the last work by the director, who died in Paris at 76 on July 4, 2016: a masterpiece by a master of contemporary cinema.
Abbas Kiarostami
Screenwriter, poet, photographer, artist, award-winning director, Abbas Kiarostami was a key figure of late-20th century cinema. Born in 1940 in Tehran, he belongs to that generation of directors known as the Iranian New Wave. He produced over 40 films, including long features, shorts and documentaries, and won at least 70 prizes and awards, including the Golden Palm in Cannes with Taste of Cherry in 1997 and the Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 1999 with The Wind Will Carry Us Away.
Selected Filmography
2012 Like Someone in Love 2010 Certified Copy 1999 The Wind Will Carry Us 1997 Taste of Cherry 1990 Close Up