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Apicula Enigma

by Marine Hugonnier
Austria 2013, 26′
Presented at Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival 2014
EDITING: Martina Moor
SOUND: Peter Roesner, Henning Knoepfel
PRODUCER: Elena Cooke, Sally-Anne McFadden
PRODUCTION: Marine Hugonnier
With this short documentary about millifere carniche bees, shot in the Koshuta mountains in Austria, Marine Hugonnier has produced an enchanting naturalist essay and a fascinating metaphor of the creation of images. The hive is like a camera oscura, a black box whose content is never revealed. Fascinated by the magic world of bees and their micro-utopian work community, the French artist shows how images of nature can be represented as genuine narrative stories. The film registers what happens on-set: on one side the hive with its residents, how they swarm towards trees, disappearing in the nearby forest, the gathering of pollen and honey; on the other the film crew, with their cinema equipment, working on footage. It examines the mysterious space between the cinematic gaze and the thing observed.
Marine Hugonnier lives and works in London and Paris, France. Her films, photographs and works on paper have been exhibited internationally, including solo exhibitions at Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst, Gent, Fondaione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, MAMCO, Geneva, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Kunsthalle Bern. Her work belong to the MOMA, The Reina Sofia in Madrid and the Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris among others.
Selected Filmography
2014 Portrait of a Reporter (The Mask of Anarchy); Letter to My Friend CM 2013 The Mommy Complex, The Angel’s Kiss 2008-2014 Le Royaume 2012 Schisme 2008 Crystal Palace 2007 The Secretary of the Invisible 2006 Travelling Amazonia 2005 Death of An Incon 2004 Territory I II III; The Last Tour 2003 Ariana