White City
by Dani Gal, Germany 2018, 26'
SCREENPLAY:Dani Gal   SOUND MIXING:Jochen Jezussek
PHOTOGRAPHY:Klaus Oppermann   PRODUCER:Dani Gal, Carolina Kirberg (Pong)
EDITING:Dani Gal, Jenina Herhofer   LANGUAGE: German

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film
Presented at Lo schermo dell'arte Film Festival 2018
 Last of a trilogy dedicated to forgotten facts of history, in this film the Israeli artist Dani Gal again question show the memorization of personal and collective history originates, and how it transcends space and time. 
White City is built around the complex personality of Arthur Ruppin (1876-1943), a founding father of Zionist thought, and a promoter of peaceful coexistence of Jewish and Palestinian populations in the Middle East before the State of Israel was founded. His interest in the science of race explains an early 1930s visit, staged by the director, to German anthropologist Hans F.K.Gunther, who later influenced Nazi racial thought.
Dani Gal’s manipulation of historical material penetrates past and present, imagination and reality. Ruppin’s dialogue with Guntheron race, politics and culture evokes questions on the conditions and objectives of their respective peoples. The background is the Weissenhof Estate, a Stuttgart district known for its modernist architecture. The monologues and dialogues are based on Ruppin's journals.

Dani Gal 
 Born in Jerusalem in 1975, he currently lives and works in Berlin. He studied at the Belazel Academy for Art and Design in Jerusalem, at the Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste Städelschule in Franckfurt and at the Cooper Union in New York. His movies and works has been exhibited in the most prestigious international institutions, such as the 54th Venice Biennale, the Istanbul Biennale (2011), the New Museum of New York (2012), the Berlinale Forum Expanded (2014), the Kunsthaus Zurigo (2015), the Kunsthalle Vienna (2015), Documenta 14 (2017).

Selected Filmography
White City 2017 Hegemon  2013 As From Afa 
2011 Night and Fog 



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