Zeus Machine
by Zapruder, Italy 2018, 77''
SCREENPLAY: David Zamagni, Nadia Ranocchi   PRODUCER: David Zamagni, Nadia Ranocchi
PHOTOGRAPHY: Monaldo Moretti   LANGUAGE: Italian
EDITING: Zapruder    

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film
Presented at Lo schermo dell'arte Film Festival 2018
 Myth is circular and always present, without certain origin or end. Mythology informs and directs even our most banal actions. Zapruder’s new film venture starts from these reflections to form a narrative device in which reality and fiction meet narration and hyperbolic representation. Zeus Machine centers on Hercules, the mythological hero famous for the labors he endured to win his place in Olympus. Hercules is associated with strength and invincibility; his character as a fragile, fallible human being is mostly misunderstood. 
The artists give voice to the legendary hero’s humanity, seeing it in actions performed by common heroes in their everyday lives. The film is divided into “labors” that, while recalling the Hercules myth, overcome the philological correspondence to become actual cases of surprising beauty, spontaneity and variety.

Zapruder is a collective formed by David Zamagni, Nadia Ranocchi and Monaldo Moretti. Their films and works have been presented in major European art centers and film festivals, including the Venice Film Festival, Netmage in Bologna, the Rome Film Festival, the IFFR in Rotterdam, the Biennale de l’Image en Mouvement in Geneva, the Transmediale in Berlin and the Centre Pompidou in Paris. They collaborated with the theater groups Motus, Fanny & Alexander, Romeo Castellucci and with the Santarcangelo Festival. Among their recent exhibitions: in 2015 Fault (Artopiagallery / Milan) and Yes Sir, I Can Boogie (Kunstraum Alcheturm / Zurich) and in 2014 Speak in Tongues (Marselleria / Milan; Art City Raum / Bologna; Art Fall Galleries d’art modern and contemporary art / Ferrara). In 2011, they received the Persol 3D Award at the Venice Film Festival. 
Zapruder won the MAXXI 2016 Prize with their video installation Zeus Machine / Salita all’Olimpo.
Selected Filmography
2018 Zeus Machine/Colosso 2017 Zeus Machine/Phoenix Amore brucio
2016 Zeus Machine/Salita all’Olimpo 2015 Speak in Tongues; Die Zauberflöte

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