Poor Poor Jerry
by Ra di Martino, Italy 2017, 7'

Poor Poor Jerry
Italia, 2017, 7’
di Rä di Martino
Soggetto: Rä di Martino
Riprese: Daviddi
Montaggio: Benedetta Marchiori
Animazioni: Gianni Caratelli per Al.One, Roma
Suono: Enrico Ascoli
Produzione: Rä di Martino e Federica Maria Bianchi per Snaporazverein, CH
curatore progetto: Davide Giannella

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film  

Film presented at Lo schermo dell'arte 2018

An aged Jerry (from the Hannah-Barbera cartoon series Tom and Jerry), walks alone through a windy desert, an alien landscape that could be on an imaginary planet: images shot by the artist near a volcano on the Island of Lanzarote. The cartoon mouse speaks with different voices, repeating ad infinitum a long series of sentences from love films and TV series from different times. The surreal journey of a symbolic figure of American pop culture through collective sentimental imagery, shared in the present through cinema, music and television.

Rä di Martino

Rä di Martino has investigated the relationship between cinema and visual arts thanks to a production spanning from cinema, to installation and photography. Her film work, presented numerous times in previous editions of Lo schermo dell’arte, is characterized by being able to combine the genre of the documentary with fiction, exploring the possibilities of cinema as a mean to create situations full of charm and sometimes paradoxical. 


She has exhibited her works in international institutions including Palazzo Grassi, GAM and Fondazione Sandretto in Turin, MACRO and MAXXI in Rome, Museion in Bolzano, Hangar Bicocca and PAC in Milan, the Tate Modern in London, the MoMA PS1 in New York, and the MCA in Chicago. Her films have been shown on numerous occasions including Art Basel, the Kassel Dokfest, the Torino Film Festival, the Venice Film Festival.

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