Ettore Spalletti.
by Alessandra Galletta, Italy 2019, 89''
SCREENPLAY: Alessandra Galletta   SHOOTING: Andrea Giannone, Domenico Catano, Alessandro Petrini, Matilde Sambo
PHOTOGRAPHY: Andrea Giannone   PRODUCER: LaGalla23 srl
EDITING: Andrea Giannone, Maria Teresa Soldani   LANGUAGE: Vo: Italian, English; Sub: Italian, English
SOUND: Ludovico Einaudi, Stefano Tore    

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film    Presented at Lo schermo dell'arte 2019

A film about secretive and influential painter and sculptor Ettore Spalletti. Born in 1940
in Cappelle sul Tavo, near Pescara, where he lived until his death in 2019, Spalletti talks
about his art, the creative act, his passion for painting and sculpture. The film involves those
close to him, including his wife Patrizia Leonelli Spalletti, gallery owner Benedetta Spalletti,
her niece, her personal assistant Azzurra Ricci, gallery owner Lia Rumma, and curator
Germano Celant. A portrait of an artist far removed from the international art mainstream
whose works are closely connected with the Abruzzo’s landscape, history and colours, such
as the pastures of the Campo Imperatore plateau and the region’s Benedictine abbeys, such
as San Clemente in Castiglione di Casauria. Spalletti was fascinated by their simplicity, their
welcoming atmosphere. Whether in painting, sculpture or installation, his work reflects the
cult of beauty, the Renaissance measure of space and color, spiritual warmth and relationship
with the environment. “Art doesn’t need intelligence,” he says, in his studio. “Or even
a story. It frees itself of everything to find its own gift.” After the passing of this inspiring
master, the film represents a precious testimony of his art and spirit.
Alessandra Galletta
A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, Alessandra Galletta is an art critic who has worked as curator and organizer of exhibitions for many contemporary art galleries. Since the nineties, she has worked in television; since 2012 she has produced monographic documentaries on contemporary artists such as Francesco Vezzoli, Tòmas Saraceno, Adrian Paci, Maria Lai, H.H. Lim, Qiu Zhijie. For Sky Italia, she produced specials on the Venice Art and Architecture Biennials and on the 2012 Shanghai Biennale. Since 2015 she founded the production company LaGalla23, which designs and produces videos and original formats of artistic and cultural content. She wrote and directed the docufilm Ossessione Vezzoli, dedicated to the internationally renowned Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli.

Selected Filmography:
2015 Ossessione Vezzoli 

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