by Anna Franceschini, Italy 2019, 14'
SCREENPLAY AND EDITING: Anna Franceschini   MUSIC AND SOUND: Federico Chiari 
PHOTOGRAPHY: Pierluigi Laffi    PRODUCER: Alessandra Rosso. Promoted by: MiBACT- Direzione Generale Creatività contemporanea e Rigenerazione urbana. Produced by: In Between Art Film, Gluck 50, Basement.
SHOOTING: Lorenzo Pezzano, Pierluigi Laffi   INTERPRETATION: Vincenzo D'Ambrosio

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film  Presented at Lo schermo dell'arte 2020 

BUSTROFEDICO is the video that Anna Franceschini made as a special and closing event of the Italian Pavilion Neither Nor: The challenge to the Labyrinth, curated by Milovan Farronato for the 58th Venice Biennale in 2019. Writings that change direction at each line - from left to right and vice versa – are called boustrophedical. The camera moves and crosses the pavilion, which was partially adapted for filming, in frenetic circles. Sculptures and installations by artists invited to the pavilion – Enrico David, Chiara Fumai and Liliana Moro – have been freely interpreted by Franceschini. The accompanying soundscape is made up of extracts from works present in the exhibition by Chiara Fumai and Liliana Moro, intertwined with a series of noises recorded by the artist. The film’s tense atmosphere makes the viewer feel lost as inside a labyrinth.


Anna Franceschini (Pavia 1979, lives and works in Milan). Recent solo exhibitions: Vistamarestudio Milan (2020), Galeria Vera Cortês Lisbon (2019), Institute of Italian Culture Brussels (2019), Galleria Almanac London / Turin (2018). Her videos have been screened at international festivals: Tenderflix London (2018), TFF Torino Film Festival (2018), IFFR International Film Festival Rotterdam (2017).

Selected Filmography:
Copacabana Palace, 2016; Kunstschnee, 2015; You Know Why They Respect Me? Because They Think I’m Dead, 2015; The Diva Who Became an Alphabet, 2014; And Now You Promise Me You’ll Never Set Again, 2013.

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