by Janis Rafa, Italy 2020, 16'
SUBJECT, SHOOTING AND EDITING: Janis Rafa   SOUND: Aris Athanasopoulos e Wrecked Ambience
PRODUCER: In Between Art Film   EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Leonardo Bigazzi
LANGUAGE: vo: Sound    

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film  Presented at Lo schermo dell’arte 2020 
As part of the project 
Mascarilla 19 – Codes of Domestic Violence
First project by the Fondazione In Between Art Film, that includes 8 artists’ shorts on the subject of domestic violence, how it has increased due to the pandemic and the resulting social containment measures.

Lacerate blends elements of realism with a dreamlike, symbolic dimension, portraying the extreme decision of a woman who turns from victim into executioner. In a series of mises-enscène shot only in natural light, we see a domestic setting overrun by a pack of dogs that roam around restlessly, attacking objects and furniture. The interior of this home is a mental space, violated and lacerated like a body that has undergone violence. Fruit, game, and remnants of food are arranged like still lifes, with allegorical elements evoking the precariousness of life and the loss of innocence. It is a suspended, hostile ecosystem, where the brutality suffered by other species is transferred by osmosis to human beings. Historically symbols of loyalty to their master, the dogs here rebel and become the woman’s guardians, supporting and protecting her in the process of liberation from her persecutor.

Janis Rafa (Greece 1984, lives and works between Amsterdam and Athens) is an artist and filmmaker. Among her solo shows: Centraal Museum Utrecht (2019) and Internatinales Kunstlerhaus Villa Concordia (2018). She partecipated Manifesta 12 Palermo. As part of Lo schermo dell’arte, she participated in Feature Expanded (2017) and VISIO (2015) programs, and in the exhibitions Directing the Real: Artist’s Film & Video in the 2010s (2017) and VISIO. Next Generation Moving Images (2015).

Selected Filmography:
Take 11: What Remains is a Wound Disembodied, 2018; Winter Came Early, 2017; This Thin Crust of Earth, 2016.

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