Waste Land
by Lucy Walker, Regno Unito 2010, 98'
CO-REGIA: Joao Jardim, Karen Harley   PRODUTTORI: Angus Aynsley, Hank Levine
FOTOGRAFIA: Dudu Miranda   CO-PRODUTTORE: Peter Martin
CO-DIRETTORI DELLA FOTOGRAFIA: Heloisa Passos, Aaron Phillips   PRODUZIONE: Almega Projects, 02 Filmes Production
SUONO: Aloysio Compasso, José Lozeiro
  DISTRIBUZIONE: E1 Entertainment International, Arthousefilms
MUSICA: Moby    

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film Presented at The Screen of the Arts 2010

The documentary is an extraordinary portrait of Brazilian artist Vik Muniz, and the touching story of his experiences with the over 3000 catadores (scavengers of recyclable materials) at the world’s biggest garbage dump, the Jardin Gramacho, located among the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Muniz has dedicated his series Pictures of Garbage to them, after having involved them for over two years as protagonists and assistants in the production of portraits and revisitations of some of the most famous masterpieces of contemporary art. As with his sugar-children series, which focused on the faces of the children of Central American plantation laborers, the images chosen by the artist, and the materials taken from the dump which are used to re-draw them, are inextricably linked to tell the people’s stories. Originally from Sao Paulo in Brazil, where he spent his childhood and adolescence, Muniz shows through his work that art and beauty can cause change, redemption and genuineh uman enrichment. Awarded prizes at Sundance and in Berlin, where it also won the Amnesty International Award, Waste Land’s soundtrack is by Moby.

Lucy Walker
Raised in London, with a degree in Literature from Oxford University, she began her career as a director early, and subsequently studied cinema at New York University on a Fulbright Scholarship. Among her most recent films are the prize-winning Devil’s Playground (2002) and Blindsight (2006). She has also shot music videos, shorts and successful children’s TV programs. Her second feature-length film after Waste Land, titled Countdown to Zero was presented at the Sundance Film Festival in 2010.

Selected Filmography
2002 Devil’s Playground; 2006 Blindsight; 2010 Waste Land; 2010 Countdown to Zero.


Video introduction by Carolina Gestri

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