The Sculpture
by Musquiqui Chihying, Taiwan 2020, 28'
SHOOTING: Lucas Bueno Maia   EDITING: Musquiqui Chihying
SOUND: Shen Sum Sum   PRODUCERS: Musquiqui Chihying, Gregor Casper
LANGUAGE: vo: Mandarin; sub: Italian    

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film   Presented at Lo schermo dell’arte 2020 

The Sculpture, Taiwanese artist Musquiqui Chihying’s experimental documentary, investigates geopolitical relations between Asia, Africa and Europe. Two alternating off-screen voices describe how the Western gaze has modified the meaning of appropriated African artefacts. In a succession of black-and-white images, the film portrays Xie Yanshen, a Chinese collector and philanthropist (director of the Private International Museum of African Art in Lomé, Togo), who recently donated part of his collection of more than 5,000 African artefacts to the National Museum of China in Beijing. Retracing the last trajectories of African sculptures, the film reveals aspects of the collection that otherwise would have remained hidden.

Musquiqui Chihying (Taipei 1985, lives between Berlin and Taipei) is a filmmaker and artist. His works have been exhibited in many museums and international festivals including the Centre Pompidou, IFFR International Film Festival Rotterdam 2020, Berlinale, Shanghai Biennale 2015. In 2019 he was the winner of the Loop Barcelona Video Art Production Award of the Han Nefkens Foundation in collaboration with Fundació Joan Miró.

Selected Filmography:
Café Togo, 2018; The Camera, 2016; The Jog, 2014; The Route: from China Town to China Town, 2013.


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