Three Works For Piano
by Dani Gal, Germany 2020, 34'
VOICE OVER: Itay Tiran
SOUND: Jochen Jezussek   INTERPRETERS: Itay Tiran, Dulcie Smart
PRODUCERS: Kirberg Motors, Blood Mountain projects, Steirischer herbst 2020   LANGUAGE: vo: English; sub: Italian

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film   Presented at Lo schermo dell’arte 2020 

Dani Gal probes the theme of memory, and reconstructs personal and forgotten collective stories to create a dialogue with current political events. In Three Works for Piano, he re-enacts three episodes in the history of avant-garde music: the performance of John Cage’s famous 4’33‘’ in Israel in the late 1970s which was interrupted by a nationalist chant from the audience in the hall; radical composer George Antheil’s 1923 concert in Budapest, where appeared before the audience with a loaded pistol; and the Wiener Gruppe’s demolition of a piano in 1959. These events play against the words of an Israeli soldier about the violence carried out against Palestinian protesters, and the role of militias in the occupation of the West Bank. Tension pervades the film, between witnessing, silence, and listening, and leads to an unexpected reflection on dominant national narratives.

Dani Gal (Jerusalem 1975, lives and works in Berlin). His films and works have been presented in museums, art centers, biennials and festivals, including: Steirischer Herbst Festival Graz (2020), Center Pompidou (2018), documenta 14 (2017), Kunsthalle Vienna (2015), Berlinale Forum Expanded (2014), Venice Biennale (2011).

Selected Filmography:
Fields of Neutrality, 2019; White City, 2018; Hegemon, 2017; As From Afar, 2013; Night and Fog, 2011.


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