Mein Blick (My View)
by Patrick Alan Banfield, 2017, 10'7'
Courtesy of the artist

Presented at VISIO. Moving Images After Post-Internet (2019)
With the virtual reality installation My View, the artist invites one spectator at a time to an immersion in his video archive thanks to a VR Oculus Rift headset. A mash-up of images and sounds is alternatively projected on five virtual screens: from protests under the Trump Tower in New York, to intimate and private films of a girlfriend, to drone footage of the old mining architecture of the Ruhr. The impossibility of escaping the images and the haunting ambisonic sound track, enhance the immersive experience, that at times, becomes alienating. The spectator’s point of view doesn’t however remain private, as the rest of the visitors can follow his gaze in real time on a monitor. The work is the surprising result of a period of crisis for the artist. A digital stream of consciousness that well reflects the bombardment of images and video content to which we are exposed everyday.

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