Waste Land Inc
by Igor Simić, 2018, '
Courtesy Demagog Studio, Galerie Anita Beckers 

Presented at VISIO. Moving Images After Post-Internet (2019)

Waste Land Inc. is a project composed of the videogame Golf Club: Wasteland, set in a post-apocalyptic future, three musical videos (Take my hand, Two Astronauts, Distant Thunder), part of the sound track Radio Nostalgia from Mars and a series of Neon. The videogame, through a sharp satire and various references, from the Internet culture to the climate change, is a powerful critique of the ideology of the Silicon Valley, based on an absolute faith in technology. Hence the architectural landscape of the game and the different meanings behind the pink Neon, like YOLO, acronym of You Only Live Once, neologism symbolic of a Youth Culture living only in the present. The game and the video are produced by the Demagog Studio, a gaming company founded by the artist, who regards it as a direct extension of his artistic practice.
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