Art & Krimes by Krimes
by Alysa Nahmias, USA 2021, 84''
SCREENPLAY: Alysa Nahmias, Miranda Yousef   SOUND: Bijan Sharifi
PHOTOGRAPHY: Marie Hinson   PRODUCER: Amanda Spain, Alysa Nahmias, Benjamin Murray
EDITING: Miranda Yousef, Benedict Kasulis, Kristien Nutile   MUSIC: Amanda Jones
ANIMATION: Molly Schwarz   LANGUAGE: Inglese

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film       Presented at the 15° edition of Lo Schermo dell'arte, 2022



Art & Krimes, by Krimes, is a story of seclusion and freedom, loss and creation. While serving a six-year sentence in a Federal prison, artist Jesse Krimes (Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1983) created monumental works of art, including an astonishing 40-meter mural made from prison sheets, hair gel and newspapers. Once released, Krimes attracts the attention of the art world as he tries to adapt to life on the outside. Capitalizing on his identity as an ex-prisoner and a recognized artist - he exhibited in 2015 at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris - Jesse founds an association to help convicted artists. By telling his story, he celebrates art's power to elevate the human spirit.



Alysa Nahmias
(Tucson) is a  filmmaker and founder of the production company Ajna Films. Her first documentary, Unfinished Spaces with co-director Ben Murray, presented at Lo Schermo dell’Arte 2012, won numerous awards and it is now part of the permanent collection at MoMA New York. More recently, Alysa directed The New Bauhaus (2019), about László Moholy Nagy. She produced several films, which have been presented in international festivals, including: Sundance Film Festival, New York Film Festival, Berlinale, Los Angeles Film Festival.


Selected Filmography

2012 Unfinished Spaces; 2019 The New Bauhaus

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