Ogni mattina si nasce di nuovo. Vedute poetiche tratte dall'Anonimo del XX secolo di Leonardo Ricci
by Maurizio Sazio, Italy 2021, 37'
SCREENPLAY: Maurizio Sazio   SOUND: Niccolò Gallio
PHOTOGRAPHY: Manuel Berisso, Giuseppe Catanalotto, Francesca Greci   PRODUCER: Clementina Ricci
EDITING: Maurizio Sazio, Manuel Berisso, Francesca Greci   LANGUAGE: Italiano
MUSIC: Eros Burimi
CAST: Maurizio Sazio

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film       Presented at the 15th edition of Lo schermo dell'arte, 2022

The documentary was made during the birth centenary celebrations for Florentine architect Leonardo Ricci, to describe this important figure beyond his works, and enter into his existentialist thought. In 1962, in New York, Ricci published his book Anonimo del XX secolo, a deeply personal text in which he investigates architecture, painting and urban planning through historical, philosophical and existential reflections, starting from his own experience and family life. The experience of war, family and work at the University frame this visceral attempt to explain architecture as a happy place for mankind; painting as an essential act of dissolving the soul into the cosmos, to become one with the whole of humanity; urban planning as a possibility of common existence. The deliberately simple and intimate form yields a film adaptation of the book that responds to the same need: not a product for experts and professionals, but for the whole human community, true to Ricci's thought and intention.

Maurizio Sazio
(Catania, 1969, lives in Florence) has worked in theatre as a director and actor. With
Alma di Sicilia and Canzoni quasi d'amore he has brought the songs of the popular Sicilian and Italian tradition in Europe and the world. He starred with a small role in the first series of La Mafia uccide solo d’estate. Ogni mattina si nasce di nuovo - Vedute poetiche tratte dall’ “Anonimo del XX secolo” di Leonardo Ricci marks his debut as a film director.


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