The Empirical Effect
by Rosa Barba, 2010, 22''
ORIGINAL SIZE: film 16mm trasferred to digital

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film     Presented at the 15th edition of Lo schermo dell'arte, 2021

The topographical starting point of the film is the area around Vesuvius, where survivors of the last eruption of 1944 still live, the so-called Red Zone. Between reality and fiction, the work revolves around the volcano, the protagonist and metaphor of the complex relations between society, mafia  and politics in Italy, unpredictable in its destructive force and located in the middle of a densely populated area along the Mediterranean coast. 

Rosa Barba

(Agrigento 1972, lives and works in Berlin) creates site-specific installations and interventions to analyze the ways in which cinema articulates space, placing the work and the viewer in a new relationship. Her cinematographic works are placed between the experimental documentary and the fictional narrative, introducing performative elements. They often focus on natural landscapes and human interventions on the environment and explore the relationship between historical documents, personal anecdotes and cinematographic representation, creating spaces of memory and uncertainty.

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