Pablo di Neanderthal. Arte, evoluzione e bricolage
by Antonello Matarazzo, Italy 2022, 63'
SCREENPLAY: Bruno Di Marino, Pablo Echaurren, Antonello Matarazzo   MUSIC: Rocco De Rosa
PHOTOGRAPHY: Antonello Matarazzo   SOUND: Canio Loguercio
EDITING: Antonello Matarazzo   WITH: Pablo Echaurren, Bruno Di Marino, Giuliano Sacco, Martha Festa, Mario Tozzi, Giorgio Manzi
PRODUCTION: eskimo   PRODUCER: Antonello Matarazzo con Dario Formisano
WITH THE SUPPORT OF: Fondazione Echaurren-Salaris   LANGUAGE: v.o.: italiano; sub: inglese

Schermo dell'Arte - Archivio Film  Presented at the 13th Edition of Notti di Mezza Estate, Piazzale degli Uffizi

Italian artist Pablo Echaurren has decided to retire from the art world while continuing to make works for his exclusive pleasure. Since 2019, he has been building small boxes filled with various objects and materials, revolving around two of his passions that are only seemingly distant from each other: Marcel Duchamp and the Neanderthal man. Scripted by Echaurren himself with Bruno Di Marino, Antonello Matarazzo's film explores Echaurren's imagery and the multiple relationships between art, evolutionism and bricolage through interviews, performances, set designs, animation and archival materials.

Antonello Matarazzo
Painter, filmmaker and video artist, exponent of Medialism. His videos have been received by numerous Italian and international film festivals, some of them such as the Mostra of New Cinema in Pesaro, Festival de Cine de Mar del Plata and Festival Signes de Nuit have proposed his retrospectives. In 2019, the Italian Cultural Institute of Tirana has scheduled a focus of his at Galeria Kombëtare e Kosovës in Pristina. The core of his research is based on the equivocity between still image and movement, the trait d'union between painting and video-installations is the inclination in investigating introspective and anthropological. His work has been presented at the 53rd and 54th Venice Art Biennale.

Selected Filmography:
2022 Pablo di Neanderthal (doc); 2021 Flumina (short); 2017 Politik (short); 2015 Pneuma (short); 2012 80 Kg. In mortem Johann Fatzer (short); 2011 Karma n.1 (short); 2009 Latta e café (doc); 2007 4B movie (short); 2004 Apice (short); 2004 Miserere (short); 2003/2014 La Camera Chiara (short)


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