Palazzo Grassi invita Lo schermo dell’arte / 5th edition

For the fifth consecutive year, Teatrino of Palazzo Grassi hosts a selection of films presented during the 2017 edition of the Festival, from March 14 until 18, 2018

Venice, March 14 – 18, 2018
Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi
San Marco 3260 – Venice
Vaporetto: San Samuele (L.2), Sant’Angelo (L.1)

Original language with Italian subtitles
Free entrance until capacity is reached

6.00 pm
by Julian Rosefeldt, Germany, Australia 2017, 95′
ov: English; sub: Italian
followed by
Angela Vettese, art historian, in conversation with Silvia Lucchesi
6.00 pm
Fall into Ruin
by William E. Jones, USA, 2017, 30′
ov: English; sub: Italian

followed by
Donald Judd and I
by Sasha Pirker, Austria, USA, 2016, 3’30”
ov: English; sub: Italian

7.00 pm
The Dust Channel
by Roee Rosen, Israel, 2016, 23′
ov: Russian, English, Hebrew, German; sub: Italian

7.45 pm
Koudelka Shooting Holy Land
by Gilad Baram, Czech Republic, Israel, Germany, 2015, 71’
ov: English; sub: Italian

6.00 pm
by Adrian Paci, 2017, Italy, 17′ 28”
The film will be presented in presence of Adrian Paci.

6.45 pm
Pre-Image (Blind as the MotherTongue)
by Hiwa K, Greece, 2017, 17′ 40”
ov: English; sub: Italian

7.15 pm
by Andres Veiel, 2017, Germany, 107’
ov: German, English; sub: English, Italian

6.00 pm
Live Art: Philippe Parreno, le temps de l’espace
by Heinz Peter Schwerfel, France, 2015, 25′
ov: German, French; sub: Italian

6.30 pm
Live Art: Adrian Villar Rojas in Istanbul
by Heinz Peter Schwerfel, France, 2016, 26′
ov: Spanish, German; sub: Italian

7.15 pm
Bom Bom’s Dream
by Jeremy Deller and Cecilia Bengolea, UK, 2016, 12′ 30”
ov: English; sub: Italian

7.30 pm
Whipping Zombie
by Yuri Ancarani, Italy, 30′
ov: creolo haitiano; sub: English, Italian

8.15 pm
by Rä Di Martino, Italy, Switzerland, France, Marocco, 2017, 74′
ov: Italian, English, Arabic, French; sub: Italian

5.00 pm
In Art We Trust
by Benoît Rossel, Switzerland, France, 2017, 85′
ov: English; sub: Italian

6.45 pm
Antonio Lopez 1970: Sex Fashion & Disco
by James Crump, USA, 2017, 90′
ov: English; sub: Italian