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[responsive][/responsive][button link=”http://www.schermodellarte.org/scheda_film.php?id=286&nochiudi=1?iframe=true&width=800&height=600″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true”]Island of the Hungry Ghosts[/button]
by Gabrielle Brady, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, 2018, 94’
The film is set on Christmas Island, a small Australian island located in the middle of the Indian ocean, where every year 50 millions of red crabs migrate from the heart of the jungle to the sea. On the same island, hundreds of asylum seekers are detained indefinitely in a maximum-security facility. The director takes a close look at the tragedy of these very damaged and subdued people, rendered powerless by the authorities and forcibly separated from their loved ones.

Presented in: Florence / Cinema La Compagnia / April 11-17, 2019; Venice / Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi / March 10, 2019 [/box]

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[responsive][/responsive] [button link=”http://www.schermodellarte.org/scheda_film.php?id=211&lingua=ENG&nochiudi=1?iframe=true&width=800&height=600″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” ]Sudan[/button]
by Luca Trevisani, Italy, 2016, 15′
Sudan lives in Kenya, protected by armed guards. He’s the last white rhino, the only one of his species to have survived extermination by poachers. The film is a profound moral analysis of the relationship between man and nature through investigation of ‘sculptural’ Sudan, a mortal work of art moving slowly on its way to extinction.

Screened at: Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival 2016, Expo Art Week Chicago 2016.

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[responsive][/responsive][button link=”http://www.schermodellarte.org/scheda_film.php?id=162&lingua=ENG&nochiudi=1?iframe=true&width=800&height=600″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” ]Station to Station[/button]
by Doug Aitken USA, 2014, 78′

The first feature film by American artist Doug Aitken. Through 62 one-minute films the film tells of a journey aboard a train designed by the artist and conceived as a sculpture of light, made in the 2013 summer with several performances.

Screened at: Museo Pino Pascali, Val delle Rose, Mart, Palazzo Grassi, Milano Design Film Festival, Art e Film Lecce, Estate Fiorentina 2015.