Spit Earth: Who Is Jordan Wolfson?

by James Crump, US, 2020, 55’
vo: English; sub: Italian
Italian premiere

Jordan Wolfson is a controversial artist whose disturbing and provocative works elicit extreme reactions from both his critics and supporters. Through the use of technologies such as virtual reality, animation and robotic models, Wolfson’s works raise issues that affect contemporary society: homophobia, misogyny, racism, nationalism, anti-Semitism and violence.

Szeemann and Lenin Crossing the Alps

by Rudolf Herz, Germany, 2019, 18’46’’
vo: German; sub: Italian
Italian premiere

German artist Rudolf Herz, who was invited by Harald Szeemann to participate in one of his exhibitions in 2003, involved the Swiss curator in his project Lenin on Tour, in which a gigantic sculpture of Lenin and two other Russian Communist heroes is transported by truck to various European cities. The film is a long interview and an intense portrait of the multifaceted and highly cultivated curator years after his death in 2005.

Recording Art

by Bruno Moreschi & Gabriel Pereira, Brazil, 2019, 15’
vo: English; sub: Italian
Italian premiere

Brazilian artist Bruno Moreschi and digital media researcher Gabriel Pereira have asked seven different types of artificial intelligence, usually used for the recognition of commercial images, to reinterpretate works of the collection of the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven. Among the findings, Moreschi and Pereira looked for glitches, errors and unexpected readings by the AI to understand if these could be a new way of interpreting art.

Sandlines. The Story of History

by Francis Alÿs, Iraq, 2020, 61’
vo: Arab, English; sub: Arab, English, Italian
Italian premiere

Belgian artist Francis Alÿs moves in the interdisciplinary space between art, architecture, performance and social practice. To film Sandlines, the artist worked in a remote village near Nineveh, Iraq, with a group of children who, as in a role-playing game, become characters who have marked their country’s history. Despite their country’s devastation, the children seem light-hearted and innocent while playing in the desert dunes.


by Serge July, Daniel Ablin, France, 2018, 52’
vo: French; sub: Italian
Italian premiere

In this documentary, well-known French artist JR traces his artistic career: from New York to Shanghai, from Palestine to the border between United States and Mexico, where JR intervened with his gigantic photographs, involving artists and inhabitants of the area in the belief that art can help change the world.