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787 cliparts

by Oliver Laric
2006, 1′
Presented at the 14th edition of Lo schermo dell’arte, 2021
The video is a sequence of 787 clip-art illustrations, mounted in a continuous flow in which human figures are grouped by shape and pose, giving the idea of perpetual motion and providing a taxonomy of human culture. 787 Cliparts is a representative work of post-internet art and a reflection on stock images.
Oliver Laric (Innsbruck, 1981) is a multimedia artist who, through sculpture and video, explores themes such as metamorphosis, hybridization, authenticity, and reproducibility. He is one of the first artists to manipulate YouTube contents. In his very short videos he combines typical aspects of the digital world, exploiting the potential of the platform and using it not only as an archive to extrapolate images, but also as a place of exposition and free diffusion of his works, generating a short circuit between the art world and popular culture.
Selected Filmography
Mostre personali recenti: 2021 Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; OCAT, Shanghai; S.M.A.K Ghent; 2019 Forum Arte Braga; St. Louis Art Museum Missouri; 2018 Braunschweiger Kunstverein; Tanya Leighton, Berlino; Metro Pictures, New York. Ha inoltre partecipato a mostre collettive presso: Mudam, Lussemburgo (2021); Sharjah Art Foundation (2020); MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt am Main (2019); ICA, Boston (2018). Ha partecipato a: Triennale Beaufort (2021), Seoul Mediacity Biennale (2021), Yerevan Biennial (2021); Guangzhou Triennial 2018; São Paulo Biennial 2018; Liverpool Biennial 2016 e New Museum Triennial 2015.