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by Vasilis Katsoupis
Greece, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom, 2023, 105′
Presented at the 16th edition of Lo schermo dell’arte, 2023
© Wolfgang Ennenbach / Focus Features
With Willem Dafoe, Gene Bervoets, Eliza Stuyck
Screenplay Ben Hopkins based on an idea by Vasilis Katsoupis
Art curator Leonardo Bigazzi
Photography Steven Annis
Editing Lambis Haralambidis
Music Frederik Van de Moortel
Producers Giorgos Karnavas, Marcos Kantis, Dries Phlypo
vo: English; st: Italian
An art thief, Nemo, played by Willem Dafoe, is trapped in a luxury penthouse with views of the New York skyline when his heist goes wrong. He’s locked in the apartment, which has a sophisticated security system. Nemo finds himself in a prison full of contemporary art. The days pass, his mental state worsens, he struggles with hunger and thirst. The apartment and the art collection play an active role in the story. We recognize paintings, installation works and videos by artists,including Maxwell Alexander Maurizio Cattelan, Francesco Clemente, Petrit Halilaj, David Horvitz, Adrian Paci, Amalia Pica, Joanna Piotrowska, Janis Rafa, MASBEDO, Alvaro Urban whose value becomes increasingly relative. This psycho thriller has a surprise ending, in which claustrophobia, restlessness, brutalization and hallucination coexist.
Vasilis Katsoupis Born in Volos, Greece in 1977. He has directed numerous commercials, music videos and creative projects. His first documentary, My Friend Larry Gus, premiered at the 50th Karlovy Vary Film Festival. Inside is his debut feature film.
Selected Filmography
2016 My friend Larry Gus; 2005 Made in Hollywood; 2000 Moon of 20 Days; 2001 Fragments