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Radical Landscapes

by di Elettra Fiumi
Switzerland, Italy, 2022, 91’
Presented at the 16th edition of Lo schermo dell’arte, 2023
Screenplay by Elettra Fiumi
Cinematography by Elettra Fiumi, Lilla Fiumi, DiFlorio, Léa Khayat, Tony Lemma
Editing by Etienne del Biaggio, Elena Toccafondi
Sound by Paolo Piccardo
Music by Etienne Del Biaggio, Marta Del Grandi, Sofia Hultquist (DrumandLace)
Producers: Elettra Fiumi, Sara Buehring, Laura Romano, and Valeria Adilardi
Animation by Fossick Project
vo: English, Italian; st: English
Elettra Fiumi’s documentary recounts the visionary spirit of her father Fabrizio (Florence 1943 – Los Angeles 2013), co-founder of the Florentine radical architecture group 9999, starting from the discovery of an archive full of multimedia documents and collages. Animated drawings, archival images and interviews with the other members of the group, Giorgio Birelli and Carlo Caldini, as well as friends and other exponents of the radical architecture movement, such as Adolfo Natalini of Superstudio, trace a journey between the United States and late 60s Florence. Fiumi and others of the 9999 group (Birelli, Caldini e Paolo Galli) shared an avant-garde vision aimed at the future and technological innovations with attention to environmental issues. These reflections converged in Space Electronic, a Florentine nightclub designed by 9999 which between the 60s and 70s hosted musical and artistic performances including those of Judith Malina and the Living Theatre.
Elettra FiumiElettra Fiumi is an award-winning Swiss-based film producer, director and editor. She has worked on documentaries for Netflix, Amazon Prime, The New Yorker and BBC, and her films have been screened in several museums, such as the Vitra Design Museum, the Design Museum Brussels, the Canadian Center for Architecture, the Museo del Novecento and Palazzo Strozzi. Elettra is also a professor of content production at Franklin University Switzerland, and an alum of Columbia Journalism School and Mount Holyoke College.
Selected Filmography
2023 Dancing Free; 2021 UNITY for Claudia Cantoni; 2020 Photojournalists Covering Pandemic Life in Italy; 2020 Meet the Italians Making Music Together Under Coronavirus Quarantine; 2017 9999:Florentine Memoirs; 2014-2015 Breaking Glass