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by JR

June 6, 2024 at 21:00
Florence, Cinema La Compagnia
Free entrance

For Secret Florence 2024, Lo schermo dell’arte presents Tehachapi (USA, 2023, 92′) at Cinema La Compagnia, the latest film by the renowned French artist JR. The film explores the project conceived for the homonymous maximum-security prison in the Californian desert. Starting in 2019, JR actively collaborated with inmates and prison staff to create large-format photo portraits that were glued to the floor in the courtyard area. The film sheds light on the rarely accessible reality of a penal institution and raises questions about the effectiveness of art in changing the world and its impact on the people involved. 
Thanks to the creation of the JR:murals app, the photo installation is still visible today and is accompanied by a series of audio recordings of the stories of those portrayed in the images. 


JR is one of the most famous artists in the world, renowned for using the photographic collage technique to create monumental site-specific public art installations with strong social and political significance. JR has created various works in Italy, such as the installation La Ferita (2021) on the facade of Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, in the aftermath of the pandemic. Lo schermo dell’arte presented his previous film Women Are Heroes (France, 2010, 88′), dedicated to women living in conditions of extreme poverty, along with two documentaries on his project Inside Out and his artistic career. 

Art, cinema, dance and music

Secret Florence, a strategic project of Estate Fiorentina, presents its  ninth edition.
The project, carried out by the five internationally active institutions based in the City of Florence’s urban area (Fabbrica Europa, Lo schermo dell’arte, Musicus Concentus, Tempo Reale, and Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza Virgilio Sieni) is imagined for a series of scenic spaces, most of which are being used for the first time, where dance, music, art, and cinema performances adapt each time to the architectural and acoustic characteristics of different locations. This way the actions that compose the performances help rediscover traditional spaces under a new light, allowing to establish different aesthetic perspectives in previously unused buildings or environments, or to reveal forgotten or unknown cultural events and histories. All the artistic offerings are unique to their territory and in some cases are also completely new within the worldwide panorama of contemporary artistic research. The program includes free events and events with strongly discounted prices.

Event organized on the occasion of the ninth edition of Secret Florence 
consolidated festival of the Estate Fiorentina 2024 promoted by Città di Firenze

Secret Florence is made by
Centro nazionale di produzione Virgilio Sieni
Fabbrica Europa 
Lo schermo dell’arte
 Musicus Concentus
 Tempo Reale