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Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival and Art House present Ekrani i Artit. From the 7 to the 9 of July in Shkodër (Albania) at Kinema Millennium will be screened artists’ films and documentary on international artists as William Kentridge, Damien Hirst, Olafur Eliasson from the archive of Schermo dell’arte. In the same days, at Art House, Albanian video artists will have the possibility to do a studio visit with curator of project VISIO Leonardo Bigazzi that will present also a selection of videos realized by artists of VISIO: Rebecca Digne, Giorgi Gago Gagoshidze, Louis Henderson, Orestis Mavroudis, Emilija Skarnulyte.

Art House is a project by Adrian and Melisa Paci that aims to bring to Shkodër, their hometown, the contribution of personalities affirmed in the panorama of contemporary art and international culture through exhibitions, workshops, conversation cycles, residences, study visits etc. The initiative takes place in the house of Adrian conceived as a meeting place between artists, scholars, writers to deepen the problems of contemporary art in the intimate dimension of the home, which simplifies the communication and makes it close and friendly.

Download the poster of the event.

[tab title=”INFORMATION”]July 7 – 9, 2017
Rruga Shtjefen Gjeçovi, 15 – Shkodër, Albania
Bulevardi Skenderbeu, Shkodër, Albania

Free entrance until capacity is reached
Original language with Albanian subtitles


[tab title=”PROGRAMME”]
[accordion-item title=”KINEMA MILLENNIUM JULY 7″][mini-icon icon=”time”] at 7.00 pm
[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” ]Meeting with Olafur Eliasson[/button]
by Marco Del Fiol, Brasil, 2011, 27′

[mini-icon icon=”time”] followed by
[button link=”″ [button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” ] Damien Hirst: Thoughts, Work, Life [/button]
by Chris King, UK, 2012, 37′

[accordion-item title=”KINEMA MILLENNIUM JULY 8 “][mini-icon icon=”time”] at 4.00 pm
[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” ] Meret Oppenheim ou le Surréalisme au féminin[/button]
by Daniela Schmidt-Langels, Germany 2013, 56’

[mini-icon icon=”time”] at 7.00 pm
[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true”] William Kentridge: Anything is Possible[/button]
by Susan Sollins, Charles Atlas, US, 2010, 54’

[accordion-item title=”KINEMA MILLENNIUM JULY 9″][mini-icon icon=”time”] at 4.00 pm
[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” ]Turning the Art World Inside Out[/button]
by Jack Cocker, UK, 2013, 70’

[mini-icon icon=”time”] at 7.00 pm
[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” ] 1395 Days Without Red[/button]
by Anri Sala, 2011, 50’

[accordion-item title=”ART HOUSE JULY 8″][mini-icon icon=”time”] at 11.00 am – 13.00 pm and 5.00 – 7.00 pm
Studio visit with Leonardo Bigazzi, curator VISIO

[accordion-item title=”ART HOUSE JULY 9″][mini-icon icon=”time”] at 12.00 am

SEL by Rebecca Digne, 2016, 4′
Rebecca Digne presents a film whose content, form and preparation show an economy based on exchange and barter. The film was an opportunity for the artist to experiment with a new mode of production: shooting was carried out in collaboration with some of the video-artists she met during the 2015 edition of VISIO, gathered under the label “Elevator Production”.

Black Code Code Noir by Louis Henderson, 2015, 21′
Louis Henderson’s work is a meditation on contemporary racism: from the words of Malcolm X, through animist thought during the Haitian Revolution, up to cellphone images caught during the murder of two African Americans by police in Missouri, in 2014. The artist composes a visual narrative using archive material, images downloaded from the Internet and footage he filmed himself.

No Place Rising by Emilija Skarnulyte, 2017, 12′
No Place Rising is a posthuman future myth about our evolution. A mutant woman, born with a mermaid syndrome, travels through Cold War labyrinths underwater. The mermaid reclaims the ocean in a nonviolent way or rather shows a dimension of the ocean that cannot be appropriated by war. In the arctic waters where the quasar sound is traveling too fast, No Place Rising is the link between man, nature, and machine. Shot in a Cold War (decommissioned Royal Norwegian Navy and NATO ) submarine base — transmitting white noise —it is a cosmic portrait of one of mankind’s oldest Myth.

It’s Just a Single Swing of a Shovel by Giorgi Gago Gagoshidze, 2015, 7’23”
March the 28th, 2011 is remembered in Georgia and Armenia as the date of one of the most serious computer crises in recent years. The Internet system of the two countries was down for hours, affecting millions of people. It is hard to believe that what was thought to be an act of cyberterrorism was actually caused by Hayastan Shakarian, a retired 75-year resident of a small village outside the capital. The lady, looking for copper to resell, had simply severed the main cable of the entire network of the two countries. By manipulating the story, and through a language that combines digital animation and documentary film-making, Gagoshidze’s film becomes an ironic celebration of this unaware hacking action and of the clash between real and virtual. The artist re-discusses cyberterrorism stereotypes, reminding us of the physical frailty of the global Internet network which now underpins our society and the system of information exchange.

Attempt to Fly by Orestis Mavroudis, 2013, 4’50”
In his dark lab, a man builds a paradoxical flying machine. Eventually, he goes to the mountain in order to test the potential of his construction. Attempt to Fly is a poethic film about men’s urgency to create and experiment and our need to exceed the limits imposed by reality.