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Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival was invited by the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Moscow to participate in ARTDOC, a project conceived to investigate the ways in which cinema illuminates contemporary art.

From October 20-23, 2011, 17 documentaries will be presented at the Garage Center in Moscow, many of them from the Festival’s archive, on several of the most important protagonists of the international contemporary art scene, among them Olafur Eliasson, Christian Boltanski, Maurizio Cattelan; and investigative documentaries on the art market and the development of the art scene in  Russia and China. The film program stems from a collaboration between Garage, Lo Schermo dell’Arte Film Festival and Ben Lewis Television.

ARTDOC’s program includes the international panel “Why does cinema need ARTDOC?” Participants include Silvia Lucchesi, Leonardo Bigazzi, Ben Lewis, Eugene Mitta, Tamara Dondurey and Andrey Silvestrov. Why has the production of documentaries about contemporary art increased so much in  recent years? What are the various typologies of ARTDOC? Why is Lo Schermo dell’Arte Film Festival so successful in a museum-city like Florence? These are some of the themes which will be discussed.

ARTDOC is the second appointment of GARAGE SCREEN, a project curated by Olya Borissova of the Education Department of Moscow’s Garage Center, which investigates the problems of our time through the presentation of documentary films about contemporary art.


2011 October, 20 – 23
Garage Center for Contemporary Culture

Visit the website of Garage Center for Contemporary Culture


October 20

Oscar Niemeyer. A vida è um sopro

by Fabiano Maciel, Brasile, 2006, 52′

October 21

Bending Space. Georges Rousse and the Durham Project
by Penelope Maunsell e Kenny Dalsheimer, USA, 2007, 56′

Olafur Eliasson. Space is Process
by Jacob Jørgensen, Germania, 2010, 76′

October 22

House on the Furmanniy Lane
by Andrey Silvestrov, Russia, 2010, 52′
This film – one of the first attempts to understand informal art of the USSR during Perestroika – got its name from the famous Furmanniy Iane, where a squat arose in the late 80s which united young artists of the time.

Vinogradov and Dubosarsky: Picture for an order
by Eugeni Mitta, Russia, 72′
The second film of Eugeni Mitta and Alexander Sheyn’s documentary series, “Anthology of contemporary art”. The protagonists are artists Vinogradov and Dubosarsky. In an hour, viewer will see the working process of the artists in their studio, trace the history of Russian contemporary art and learn about the structure of the art market.

The Great Contemporary Art Bubble
by Ben Lewis, UK, 2009, 90′

Why does cinema need ARTDOC?

  • Silvia Lucchesi – art historian, author of numerous books and articles on contemporary art, curator of exhibitions, producer, director and founder of Lo Schermo dell’Arte Film Festival.
  • Leonardo Bigazzi – projects manager, responsible also for fundraising and promoting international relations and development Lo Schermo dell’Arte Film Festival; curator of various exhibitions and projects.
  • Ben Lewis – director of documentaries, art critic and author of numerous articles on contemporary art.
  • Eugeni Mitta – gallery owner, scene-designer, actor, artist and director.
  • Tamara Dondurey – art historian, film critic, editor of the directorate of movie screenings of the “First Channel”.

Chine, Empire of Art
by Sheng Zhimin, Emma Tassy, Francia, 2009, 56′

October 23

Art Safari
by Ben Lewis, UK, 240′
The title Art Safari speaks for itself. Ben Lewis not only made movie-portraits of contemporary artists, but, like a hunter, found in their biographies the most interesting titbits, turning his stories into ironic opuses. Eight half-hour sketches about Maurizio Cattelan, Relational Art, Gregor Schneider, Matthew Barney, Wim Delvoye, Takashi Murakami, Santiago Sierra, Sophie Calle.

Oleg Kulik – Challenge and Provocation
by Eugeni Mitta, Russia, 2008, 70′
The first film in Eugeni Mitta and Alexander Sheyn’s documentary series “Anthology of Contemporary Art”. The main character is Oleg Kulik, an artist famous for his provocative “Man-Dog” performances.

Les vies possibles de Christian Boltanki
by Heinz-Peter Schwerfel, Francia, 2009, 52′