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For the sixth consecutive year, Teatrino of Palazzo Grassi hosts a selection of films presented during the 2018 edition of the Festival, from March 6 until 10, 2019

Venice, March 6 – 10, 2019
Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi
San Marco 3260 – Venice
Vaporetto: San Samuele (L.2), Sant’Angelo (L.1)

Original language with Italian subtitles
Free entrance until capacity is reached

March 6

by Marion Scemama and François Pain, 2018, 70’
ov: english; sub: italian
Introduction by Silvia Lucchesi

March 7

by Zapruder, 2018, 90’
ov: italian; sub: english
The artist will be present

by Jumana Manna, Germany, Lebanon, Norway, 2018, 69’
ov: arabic, english, norwegian; sub: english, italian

March 8

by Barbara Visser, Netherlands, 2018, 70’
ov: dutch; sub: english, italian

by Phil Collins, United Kingdom, 2018, 67’
ov: english, german, ukrainian; sub: english, italian

by Paula Rodríguez Sickert, Chile, 2017, 77’
ov: spanish, english; sub: english, italian

March 9

by Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine, France, 2017, 63’
ov: english; sub: italian

by Heather Lenz, United States, 2018, 76’
ov: english; sub: italian

by Rafael Salazar and Ava Wiland, United States, Germany, 2018, 56’
ov: english; sub: italian

March 10

by Gabrielle Brady, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, 2018, 94’
ov: english, french, farsi, mandarin, hokkien, cantonese; sub: english, italian

by Nathaniel Kahn, United States, 2018, 99’
ov: english; st: italian