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As part of the Contemporary Marathon FOR the LOVE of CONTEMPORARY, Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival in collaboration with Comune di Firenze, Assessorato alla Cultura e alla Contemporaneità, Fondazione Sistema Toscana Mediateca presents the Italian Premiere of the film The World According to Kapoor – A Portrait of Anish Kapoor by Heinz Peter Schwerfel (Francia/GB, 2011, 52’).


Saturday June 11, 2011 – 9.00 pm
Odeon Firenze, Piazza Strozzi
Free admission

Co-produced by Schuch Productions and ARTE France, Schwerfel’s film is an interview, full of suggestions and reflections, in which Anish Kapoor, one of the most famous artists in the world, recounts his search for new forms, his thoughts about sculpture and the metaphysical conception of the spaces with which he interacts. His words are a commentary on the images shot in his studio-laboratory in London, at Millennium Park in Chicago, where his extraordinary Cloud Gate has become one of the city’s most-visited monuments, and at his shows in Bilbao, Mumbai, Delhi and Paris.

The World According to Kapoor – A Portrait of Anish Kapoor
A film by Heinz Peter Schwerfel
2011, 52’, video

Coproduction Schuch Productions / ARTE France

A multicultural magician, an aesthetic perfectionist, and an engineer of the impossible, sculptor Anish Kapoor thrives on new artistic and technical challenges, such as his enormous inflatable structure with which he took over the Grand Palais in Paris at the Monumenta 2011 exhibition.
Kapoor, who was born in India but has lived in England since the 1970s, is an enchanting artist – his enormous mirrors capture the clouds, his pigment miniatures are sculptures of monochrome colour, and his wall hangings pull us into a sublime void.
This documentary recounts the world according to Kapoor, via a journey, from his London studios to the permanent installations of Chicago and Naples, to exhibitions in Bilbao, Mumbai and Delhi. The artist is given the opportunity to talk personally about his perpetual quest for new forms, which are always deeply moving.

Image: Marcel Neumann
Editing: Philippe La Bruyère
Original music and sound conception: Ulrich Lask

Among the most famous artists of our time, Anish Kapoor is a multicultural wizard, an aesthetic perfectionist and an engineer of the impossible who constantly recharges himself with new artistic and technological challenges, such as Orbit, the 100 meter-plus tower he designed for the London Olympics of 2012, whose construction has just begun.

Kapoor, who was born in Mumbai in 1954 and moved to London in the 70s, is currently on the scene with three shows in as many cities. In Paris, at the Grand Palais, as part of the Monumenta 2011 project, he created Leviathan, a gigantic PVC installation based on forms halfway between dragon and serpent, taken from the Book of Job, a creature that suggests an imminent catastrophe. In Milan, he inaugurated a one-man show at the Rotonda della Besana at the end of May and created Dirty Tunnel, an enormous steel tunnel which visitors can walk through in complete darkness, at the Fabbrica del Vapore. In Venice, in the Basilica di San Giorgio Maggiore, he installed Ascension–a steam jet, almost an insubstantial column, but also a “breath” that suggests the pneuma, the divine breath of Christian tradition, as the artist says.

ARTE France & SCHUCH Productions
The World According to Kapoor

  • un film de Heinz Peter Schwerfel
  • Image Marcel Neumann
  • Montage Philippe La Bruyère
  • Musique originale et conception sonore Ulrich Lask
  • Productrice Anne Schuchman
  • Production exécutive Laurence de Rosière
  • Chargée de production Alexandra Riegel
  • Prise de son Benjamin Ehlers, Richard Berdich
  • Machiniste Bilbao piki-piki – Ernesto Nunez
  • Régie Inde
    . Mindseye Entertainment
    . production: Lalit Kholi, Youla Khurana
    . machinistes: Kishore Lingam (Mumbai), Rajesh Kumar (New Delhi)
    . caméra vernissage Mumbai: Vikramjit Singh Ba
  • Mixage et enregistrements L’ENVOL – Roger Dupuis
  • Post-production Artcore Film
  • Voix doublage et commentaire Laurent Natrella, Andrea Schieffer
  • Nous remercions
    . Anish Kapoor ainsi que son équipe de Londres avec Lucy Adams et Clare Chapman
    . Museo Guggenheim, Bilbao
    . The Royal Parks, London
    . Serpentine Gallery, London
    . Millenium Park, Chicago
    . British Council, London
    . Ministry of Culture, Government of India
    . National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi
    . Amrita Jhaveri / Mark Prime, Mumbai
    . Alice Branche
    . Jean de Loisy
  • Une coproduction SCHUCH Productions, Anne Schuchman
  • ARTE France Unité Culture et Spectacles
  • Directrice adjointe à la Culture Emelie de Jong
  • Chargé de programmes Ali Delici
  • Administrateur Pascal Aron
  • Chargée de Post-Production Stéphanie Lanois
  • Avec le soutien du Centre National du Cinéma et de l’image animée
  • Distribution ARTE France

© ARTE France – SCHUCH Productions – 2011